Description Manager: Crosoé

To some, Crosoé is that gal — She's that long-legged lady that is confident and doesn't give a damn what others think when it comes to her appearance. She's content to strut around in naught more than a top to keep her breasts from flopping about. She's picked up quite a few police citations in the inner cities in that regard — below the waist, it's hard to find her wearing much until the weather turns cold.

Out where the stars still shine at night, though, people are much more forgiving and perhaps nonchalant toward her behavior, and it is out in these quiet parts that she calls home. Given a chance, her official excuse is that it's much more like home, where the trees and grasses grow tall, instead of the concrete and skyscrapers of the urban jungle.

She is a bit of a tease, sometimes without realizing it. She has tried to tone that down in recent years.

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