Description Manager: Xial

Xial is known to be a quiet, rather busy vixen. She prefers to use the feminine pronoun set over the herm-centric pronouns, and is not above calling herself a prickvixen. Her general mood is hard to define, as it is fairly mercurial.

She stands a bit over five feet tall with digitigrade legs, and often likes to wear medium length shorts, black t-shirts, and a conservative pair of earrings.
This wide-hipped vixen also wears eyeglasses of various designs and lens colors according to her mood.

Xial's eye color is a bit of a quirk, as she has coruscating irises which change color on a daily basis according to the lunar cycle. During a new moon, her eyes are a rather cold blue. During a full moon, her eyes are a daffodil yellow to amber tone. Under the influence of one of her body modifications, her sclera may appear to be solid blue to match the new moon phase of her eyes. The pupil would only be discernable due to the coruscation when in new moon phase, and by the amount of yellow added as the moon grows.

Along her spine, she added a body modification. This change gives her the addition of four tentacles placed in a staggered pattern along her lower spine - one per vertebra. Her tentacles are based on nanotechnology, and are capable of interfacing with nearby electronics when in contact. Their color is programmable, and the transparency can be altered from a program as well. If a control deck or control ring with a nanite cartridge is equipped, the capacity and capability of the tentacles grows.

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Upgraded mark on Xial's left cheek Sharra!
Freebie from Ship-Wreck on FA doodle from paviamostyn
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tentacles make the lady... hue shifting tentacles for the distinguished prickvixen POOL!
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